RoyalPoint JANUS Pencil Sleeve + 12 JANUS 929 Pencils



Keep all your pencils at the ready without being worried about poking anyone. This pencil sleeve comfortably fits five or six wooden pencils. As a bonus, this pencil sleeve ships with a dozen RoyalPoint JANUS 929 HB pencils.

Janus 929 pencils are designed with functionality in mind. They have a cylindrical barrel to make writing more comfortable and to avoid pencil grooves in your fingers. The lead is a medium-firm HB which lays down a dark line while reducing the need to sharpen the pencil constantly. The eraser is black, but don’t let colour fool you into thinking that it can’t erase well. Gone are the days when erasers had to be pink to work. Finally, the imprints are clear and simple to make this pencil acceptable in all environments from the office to school to your writing desk.


Brown 3-4 oz top grain 99% veg tan leather sewed together with UV-resistant polyester thread.
Proudly made in Canada.

12 RoyalPoint JANUS 929 HB pencils: incense cedar, medium-hard HB lead; black eraser made in USA.


7.5 cm (L) x 13 cm (H)

(3 in (L) x 5.25 in (H))

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